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Bistro 301

301 West Market St
Louisville, KY 40203
Thank you as usual!
Posted 11/18/2014 @ Bistro 301
Everything was great.
Posted 10/19/2014 @ Bistro 301
Africans love Bistro 301! I brought an 8-member delegation from Mali to Bistro 301. They loved the Fried Chicken and mac & cheese! They talked about how yummy it was the entire next day!
Posted 10/16/2014 @ Bistro 301
Love bistro 301 for quick lunch don't need to change anything
Posted 07/22/2014 @ Bistro 301
I attended the Bastille Day Dinner. It was fabulous. I was with a party of 12 and everyone at our table ate every bite of every course. In fact, the food was so delicious that bad manners were about to be displayed. Guests wanted to tip the soup bowl and run fingers across the plate to capture every morsel! BRAVO
Posted 07/15/2014 @ Bistro 301