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Uptown Cafe

1624 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40205
Uptown is my favorite restaurant in Louisville. Our waiter was the best, the food was delicious and our dining experience was great!
Posted 09/19/2015 @ Uptown Cafe
There is no way to improve. The Uptown is absolutely the best. Exemplary! My friends and I had a lovely meal and a lovely visit in a lovely place. Thanks so much for always providing the very best in food and service.
Posted 09/16/2015 @ Uptown Cafe
The Uptown Cafe has great food at reasonable prices with fine dining service!
Posted 09/08/2015 @ Uptown Cafe
It couldn't have been any better!!!
Posted 09/08/2015 @ Uptown Cafe
We love dining at the Uptown. It was so enjoyable. Everything was Delicious.
Posted 09/05/2015 @ Uptown Cafe